Newsletter – December 2019

The school breaks today 19th December, 2019 for the 1st term vacation and resumes on 8th January, 2020 for the 2nd term.

Management wants to use this opportunity to wish each and every one a wonderful Christmas. It’s a time for joy, celebration and great hope for the New Year to come. We want to thank you for your prayers and support that led to another historic success of the 6th edition of our Career Day celebration. God richly bless you.

As a school, we would like to raise the following concerns toward our children:

  • Lateness in picking ward(s) in Pre-school (Nursery- Kindergarten) from school thus after 5:00, will attract a fee of GH¢00.
  • When your ward(s) display certain excellent talents or traits at home, kindly inform the school so that such talents can be nurtured for the future. Where they also exhibit certain delinquent or questionable behaviour /character, kindly inform us so that appropriate steps would be taken at correcting them.
  • Kindly check the dressing of your ward(s) when they are coming to school. Torn uniform, torn buttons, stylish haircuts, socks apart from white etc. would not be tolerated.
  • Where your ward(s) show symptoms of ill-health, we suggest they stay at home and be given proper care and medication before they resume school. Open wounds should be dressed before children come to school.
  • In case of absenteeism, call the school and let us know the reason for your ward’s absence from school. Habitual lateness or absenteeism would not be tolerated.
  • Home works are given to your ward(s) every day. It is the school’s policy. Kindly ensure your ward(s) do their home exercises and also bring the exercise books back to school. 
  • Kindly take a cursory look at your ward(s) in KG 1 – Basic 6’s exam question papers. It gives you a fair idea of the trend of the new curriculum.
  • Because of the change in the curriculum, children in KG 1 – Basic 6 should be granted a monitored internet access to help them in their project works, home works and general studies.
  • We hope our concerns would be taken into consideration.

FEES: All school fees in arrears should be paid on/before 8th January, 2020. This is to avoid your wards from being sent home on this date. Management also wishes to encourage Parents/Guardians to make some payments before school reopens. This would help facilitate the running of the school as expected.

We thank you all for your continuous support in making this school your number one choice.

Thank You.

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