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Why Choose Us


Academic Excellence

Top ranking school in BECE in Ga West and Ga North for seven (7) years consecutively.

Soft Skills/Moral Values

Our learners are known for their respectful, well-mannered, and courteous demeanour.

Technology Integration

We have learning management software and apps that aid learners in referring to daily lessons, completing assignments, and where parents could access course content, timetable etc.

Top-Notch Facilities

Modern washroom, Science resource Centre, STEM hub, spacious playground, 24/7 surveillance, conducive classrooms.

We Promote High Quality Learning of Young Children


Strong Emphasis on the 4R's and STEM

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic Creativity, AND STEM which form the basis of literacy and sets the foundation for their careers.


Partnership With IPMC

To enroll on a certificate programme where all final years are awarded certificates and basic ICT skills. E.g. artificial intelligence, robotics, programming, digital marketing etc.


Qualified Facilitators

We boast of the most competent and experienced teachers who deliver holistic education to your wards.


International Exposure

We believe in broadening our students' horizons through exchange programs in the USA, Canada and Europe.


Holistic Development

Nurturing all aspects for well-rounded individuals—academics, arts, sports, and community engagement—for comprehensive growth.


Active Parental Engagement

We encourage parents' active involvement through regular communication, events, and workshops, fostering a strong school-home partnership.